Monday, December 22, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Peyton enjoyed dressed up as fairy and I decided last minute to dress up as pumpkin. We celebrated our Halloween at KOA campground. They had few fun activies for those kids then at the end had kinda like trunk or treat but outside by cabins. Peyton had so much fun collecting all those candies even though she barely eats them. William end up enjoy eating them.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I just thought I would let ya all know what Peyton does everyday. When she wakes up she always sign knock olivias door. Peyton and Olivia are so funny together. They are nice and mean to each other. They always ask us if they could play with each other everyday. I feel true blessing to have a wonderful neighborhood that I can depend on and be myself. Also for someone Peyton can play with.

William is working really hard trying to finish our house especially the outside before the snow comes. He works monday to Wed for his father then on Thursday to Sat on our house. I am really proud of him for his hard work and so thankful for all he does for our family. Will try my best to update the progress of our house in the future.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Peyton likes to do things what her dad does. I just thought it was cute so I posted it up!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today Peyton, William and I went my doctor appointment. We were all so exciting to find the gender of the new baby. Like I said earlier William wants another girl and guess what, he got his wishes. It will be a baby girl! We are all exciting! The ultra sound lady had difficult time doing it because she (baby) kept moving inside all the time. Well thats our exciting news today! Heres a picture of her and sorry to say this but not the greatest picture they gave us.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Peyton enjoyed holding her new cousin Karlee. She is only 2 months old. I know I haven't say much about being pregnant but I am exciting to see how Peyton react and I know will be big change for our family but I am exciting. We will find out the gender next month. William is hoping for another girl! For me doesn't matter.

Recently had family reunion and William wasn't able to make it since he was busy building our house. Peyton had great time with her cousins.

After Peytons surgery on July 3rd, I wasn't sure how she would feel on the 4th of July. peyton act like nothing happened and she had great time eating water melon and play with her nephew. When the firework started Peyton freaked out and signed home now. I tried to calm her down and explain that the firework won't hurt her. My mom even tried but nothing could calm her down. Her whole body was shaking so I said I am going now so we started to walk and Peyton was running the whole time avoiding the firework. We stayed in the van wait for my family. Peyton is soo senstive to loud noise. It happened the same thing last year!

I know most of you already knew that Peyton had the surgery on her nose. This picture was when she just barely got out of the surgery. Thats my mom holding Peyton. That weekend all she want was her grandma. The doctor said Peyton did so well and right now just have to put sun screen on her nose everyday for the rest of this summer.

We were just taking pictures and Peyton was having fun doing some post especially with that black hat! oops one picture is upside down and I didn't want to wait for download again. Hope you still can see it!

This is one of my favorite face when Peyton is sad and doesn't want to go or do something. In that picture is when I told her lets go home and she didn't want to leave the play house.

We went to the park by our home. Laura had great time playing with our camera and thats why you see the color gray with pink and red color.

Last May Peyton and I flew to Ca to see one of my good friend, her graduation. She graduated from CSUN and I know how much work and hours she put through school and I am proud of her to finish! Well we stayed in Ca for 5 days, we got to visit my mission area and we went to Sea World in San Diego. I wasn't feeling well at that time. I didn't want to miss the fun so I pushed my body to do all those fun things. That day we went to San Diego it was raining hard and we had nothing prepared just warm clothes on. When we got to Sea World it was still raining a little bit then I was tempt to buy umbrella or something but it stopped raining for 4 hours and then that was when we felt satisfy and left and it start raining hard again. So perfect timing when we left. We had a lot of fun time in CA!

More pictures at Sea World. Peyton enjoyed seeing all those different kinds of fishes. She kept signing fishes, bird, seals, all those animals that was at Sea World. She had fun with Kala, her new friend!

The sharktooth was behind us and I didn't read the history of it oops just thought it would be a cool picture to take with it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Picture of us both enjoying the time together at the museum.

digging for Dinosaurs bones.

Pretend to be scare of those dinosaurs. Like I said earlier about Peyton copying Jaric. I thought was cute and funny picture..

Recently we drove to Vernal for my cousins baby blessing. My moms side family is from there. We drove up Sat afternoon and went to their new Dinosaurs museum. Vernal is well known for Dinosaurs. Peyton I don't think she did care much for them but her cousin Jaric did. Peyton just enjoyed chasing Jaric around the museum and copy him. Peyton did enjoy few activies they had. They did have pond with fishes outside and Peyton enjoyed that the most.

Last Thursday Peyton and I went to the coolest Park in West Jordan. We went with my sister Lisa and her 2 boys. Jaric one of Peytons favorite cousin both had a great time playing at the park. Their cheeks were pink from playing so hard.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Here in Bear lake the weather has finally warm up. Peyton has been wanting to go outside everyday since it has gotten warm. I was able to take out some summer clothes and put it on her.

This is what we have so far on our house. I know seems very slow but really William has been helping Jayson with their house. Their house has a lot of more progress than ours. We are planning on finishing Jaysons cement in the basement and garage then will do ours and they both are fast workers.

Hi I know has been a while since I have done anything to this blog. Like I said earlier I will try my best to do what I can. I have to explain to you why I have this tie tied up on my head. What happened was William was playing with Peyton and I guess Peyton was running so hard that she had no control that she made herself to fall. When she fell she hit her head hard on the wood desk in our office. She was screaming her head off. I tried to calm her down. When she calmed down, I told her do you want ice and she said yea. When I put it on her head, she pulled away and said hurt. I thought to myself okay why don't I pretend I have ice on my head too. I put paper towel with no ice for me but had ice with paper towel for Peyton. We used Williams ties and wrap both of our heads to hold it and it works!. Peyton thought it was the coolest thing and kept it on even though it was cold.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

This is our daughet Peyton who loves to be outside. She was thrilled when I told her if she wants to go outside. When she is outside, shes in her own world. Today we helped William with our house and Peyton had so much fun playing in the dirt and mud. Peyton even had the chance to ride on backhoe with her dad. She had fun today!

This spider ride was one of the best ride. Most of us enjoyed the ride and it was cool how they created the 3d thing with movement. Anyway I didn't take picture of our team in our uniforms. Shame on me but will explain to you how we did. We lost our first game to Rochester, a young and talented
team, 70-57. The second game we won that same night about 2 hours later
against Vermont, 45-31. We went on to play our third game against
Mississippi, 77-34. We got alot of bruises and scratches in that
game but fought hard! At the final. Our 4th game on Saturday morning was
played against WSAD (Chicago), 57-52. We placed 5th out of 12
teams! 1st game is always important but it was fun tournment and I did got a lot of working out!

This picture was taken in Florida Orlando for basketball tournment. The weather was so nice down here and we were able to stay at really nice hotel. This picture was taken at the universal studio.

Both Peyton and Brooklyn enjoyed playing the piano. Shari came over to help me make some sweeties for the wrong game movie night. I was grateful for all her help or I wouldn't had it done. We made those treats for fund raising for our basketball tournment to Florida. I will explain more details about my trip to Florida. I know I am behind with my blog so thats why I am doing this right now! Peyton and Brooklyn are only 4 months apart and its fun to see their personality and what they are interesting in now.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Heres funny story how Peyton peed her pant. Peyton isn't potty trained yet. What happened was we went walking to Kristeen and Scott to their place. I didn't bring any diapers. Peyton had stinky diaper and I changed her and put her pants back on. We walked back home and I totally forgot about that Peyton didn't have a diaper on. I was on the phone talking on Video Phone with a operator trying to solve some concern with truck insurance. Anyway I was talking and I saw Peyton walking funny and she turned around. I was like why is Peyton's pant wet and all of the sudden I remember she doesn't have diaper on. The operator on the VP was like whats wrong and I said I just forgot to put a diaper on my daugher. She peed on her pant.

Here is a story that I have to share. The other day I was doing some errands in the house and normal Peyton is watching movie or playing with her toys. Usually Peyton will come to me and and ask me some questions or ask for food. That day she didn't come to me. so I start looked for her around the house and I couldn't find her. I was calm and said thats weird. I kept on looking for her. I saw from the side of my eyes in the bathroom under the sink cabinet that the door shut fast. I ran and grab my camera and took this picture fast when Peyton saw me. Peyton loves to hide big time and I think she knows that she has the advantage since I can't hear where she is.

Guess what! we finally start digging for our new home. We have been waiting for a long time and its finally coming! We are so exciting and will update with the progress of our home.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We went down to Banks (my parent) in Salt lake City to celebrate Easter.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Peyton and I would go to the church so that I could shoot some basket. I would bring stuff for Peyton to play. She would ride her tricycle, play some ball with me and watch some movies from dvd player. Its nice to get out of the house and have some open space to play since we still have a lot of snow outside.

We got a new truck last month. William loves it and now stops bothering me about wanting a big truck. He looked up everyday on line for 5 months and I am so glad its over. Now hes always busy with building our new home. I am glad he loves his truck (he better!)

I just went to Montana for basketball tournment last weekend. We won championship and now its our 6th times to win in a row for Northern Western region. Right now we are looking forward to go to National in Florida next month.