Saturday, April 19, 2008

This is our daughet Peyton who loves to be outside. She was thrilled when I told her if she wants to go outside. When she is outside, shes in her own world. Today we helped William with our house and Peyton had so much fun playing in the dirt and mud. Peyton even had the chance to ride on backhoe with her dad. She had fun today!

This spider ride was one of the best ride. Most of us enjoyed the ride and it was cool how they created the 3d thing with movement. Anyway I didn't take picture of our team in our uniforms. Shame on me but will explain to you how we did. We lost our first game to Rochester, a young and talented
team, 70-57. The second game we won that same night about 2 hours later
against Vermont, 45-31. We went on to play our third game against
Mississippi, 77-34. We got alot of bruises and scratches in that
game but fought hard! At the final. Our 4th game on Saturday morning was
played against WSAD (Chicago), 57-52. We placed 5th out of 12
teams! 1st game is always important but it was fun tournment and I did got a lot of working out!

This picture was taken in Florida Orlando for basketball tournment. The weather was so nice down here and we were able to stay at really nice hotel. This picture was taken at the universal studio.

Both Peyton and Brooklyn enjoyed playing the piano. Shari came over to help me make some sweeties for the wrong game movie night. I was grateful for all her help or I wouldn't had it done. We made those treats for fund raising for our basketball tournment to Florida. I will explain more details about my trip to Florida. I know I am behind with my blog so thats why I am doing this right now! Peyton and Brooklyn are only 4 months apart and its fun to see their personality and what they are interesting in now.