Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is our first picture of our family in our new home. We finally were able to move in our new home and still needs alittle details to be done but I still have tons of unpacking to do. My garage is still full of stuff. When I am completely done will take pictures of the house and hopefully outside our house too!

This dress was made from William grandmother Neva. She made it all by hands which has amazing details. Peyton wore it for her blessing and I want to use it again for Sophie because I know how special it is to William and I think it is beautiful! I will have to admite Sophie fit in the dress better than Peyton did. Sophie was such a happy baby that day which you guys could tell!

I enjoy having 2 girls in my life. It was amazing to see my husband be able to give blessing to our 2nd daugher Sophie.