Monday, June 27, 2011

We just went to the zoo with my family and it was a lot of fun! Sophie and Peyton enjoyed looking at all variety of animals and we even got to see the bird show! There were tons of people there glad we didn't loose any kids this time.

Tiffany and I used to play soccer when we were young and later in life we both end up living in Bear lake and both daughters same age love to dress up and wear make up.

One day sophie came to me and said mom I have lip stick I was like whats that we need to wash it off and couldn't get it off. I told her show me where you find that lipstick thing? she showed it to me it was white out and I had to use nail remover to wash it off. Sophie wasn't happy, I told her if she wants lipstick ask me first.

I got 10 stitch from my sister her ceiling lamp. I was showing my brother one of the exercise from p90x.

Peyton and Sophie on Easter morning.