Sunday, May 18, 2008

Picture of us both enjoying the time together at the museum.

digging for Dinosaurs bones.

Pretend to be scare of those dinosaurs. Like I said earlier about Peyton copying Jaric. I thought was cute and funny picture..

Recently we drove to Vernal for my cousins baby blessing. My moms side family is from there. We drove up Sat afternoon and went to their new Dinosaurs museum. Vernal is well known for Dinosaurs. Peyton I don't think she did care much for them but her cousin Jaric did. Peyton just enjoyed chasing Jaric around the museum and copy him. Peyton did enjoy few activies they had. They did have pond with fishes outside and Peyton enjoyed that the most.

Last Thursday Peyton and I went to the coolest Park in West Jordan. We went with my sister Lisa and her 2 boys. Jaric one of Peytons favorite cousin both had a great time playing at the park. Their cheeks were pink from playing so hard.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Here in Bear lake the weather has finally warm up. Peyton has been wanting to go outside everyday since it has gotten warm. I was able to take out some summer clothes and put it on her.

This is what we have so far on our house. I know seems very slow but really William has been helping Jayson with their house. Their house has a lot of more progress than ours. We are planning on finishing Jaysons cement in the basement and garage then will do ours and they both are fast workers.

Hi I know has been a while since I have done anything to this blog. Like I said earlier I will try my best to do what I can. I have to explain to you why I have this tie tied up on my head. What happened was William was playing with Peyton and I guess Peyton was running so hard that she had no control that she made herself to fall. When she fell she hit her head hard on the wood desk in our office. She was screaming her head off. I tried to calm her down. When she calmed down, I told her do you want ice and she said yea. When I put it on her head, she pulled away and said hurt. I thought to myself okay why don't I pretend I have ice on my head too. I put paper towel with no ice for me but had ice with paper towel for Peyton. We used Williams ties and wrap both of our heads to hold it and it works!. Peyton thought it was the coolest thing and kept it on even though it was cold.