Monday, October 26, 2009

We went to the halloween carnival in lake town to support the school fundraising. sophie dressed as ladybug and Peyton of course our princess loves to dress up. She dressed up as cinderella. She had so much fun!

sophie now has 4 teeth, current crawling all over places, and she sure does love her daddy!

buddies forever, rylan is 6 months old while sophie is 9 months old. Rylan is one inches taller and one pound heavier. Both of them enjoy each other, sophie always takes what Rylan has. GRIN!

William got his dream come true.. We got a new puppy, we named it RED (how we got the name.. Peyton called it red ollie and Ollie is Jayson and Lauras dog, so decided to name it Red) Red is irish setter dog just same dog william and Jayson grew up with. William looked and looked on line for that kind of breed and saw one and begged me since I never had dog my whole life and really didn't want dog but I knew it would make him happy also our girls love dogs.. So I made the effort and told william to take care of it and he has been taking wonderful care of it until now hes gone and left him with me. He wasn't expecting it but I am getting there to get use to it but the fart thing I don't know how long i can handle yuck!

Another picture of Sophie eating.. She loves peaches just like her daddy! I had to take the peaches away from her to wash it.. She had the fit.

Our little angel doesn't like baby food. She always wants to eat what we eat. She enjoys making mess..

We always enjoy going swimming at club house. This was the last picture of us going swimming since its too cold outside. I know our girls can't wait to go swimming again next year!