Sunday, January 25, 2009

I had to show you this picture of Sophie! I thought it was so cute and how she stick her tongue out! Plus my neighborhood made this blanket for her and I love it to death since it has soccer balls on it! Hope she will love soccer as much as I do!

Peyton enjoys holding Sophie! She wasn't able to do that since Sophie was in NICU due to have some liquid in her lungs. Peyton loves being the big sister! I will have to admit Peyton does miss having attention all to herself but I do try to balance to give Sophie and Peyton equal attention.

New addition to our family!
On January 2nd that morning I went in and was in labor for 14 hours. I pushed for 45 minutes. The baby was so stubborn wouldn't turn her face so she was born with her head up. When I was pregnant, William and I struggle what name we liked for girl. We did have few names in our mind and when she was born we named her Sophie. She weight 6 pounds 15 ounces and 19 inches.

We got Peyton sled for christmas and it was snowing so hard. Peyton wanted to go sledding and the weather didn't stop us from going outside. We all got dressed up and william pulled Peyton around. They had blast time, wish I could help william by pulling some but I was 9 months pregnant and wouldn't be great help.

Christmas morning at my parents house in Salt Lake City. Peyton enjoyed opening all the present and that was enjoyable for William and I. William and I got thin TV for our Christmas present from Santa for our new home.

Heres picture of Peyton with our Christmas tree and stocking!

In Garden city, they had Christmas activies that they do every year. When Santa came in the room. Peyton said Santa and I said yea and she wasn't sure if she wanted to sit with him. They had food and games and that was fun!